Baby Cup
Baby Cup • Orange/Turquoise • 2-pack
Baby Cup • Pink/Purple • 2-pack

Baby Cup

  • Easy for small hands to grip
  • Easy to clean and has practical graduated markings
  • Baby Cup + Baby Spoon = a perfect duo!
  • Suitable for children to use from 8 months
  • BPA-free plastic

Orange/Turquoise, 2-pack


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Easy for small hands to grip

The BABYBJÖRN Baby Cup is specially designed for the way small children hold cups and drink. Grip-friendly materials and distinct shapes mean that the cup is easy to hold. The rounded rim is nice and soft against their lips. The low centre of gravity and the wide, heavy base with rubber underneath keep the glass firmly on the table. The anti-slide edging means that the glass will not tip over easily.  

BABYBJÖRN Baby Cup – easy for small hands to grip
Graduated markings on the BABYBJÖRN Baby Cup

Easy to clean and measure

The Baby Cup is made from durable material that is safe for use in the dishwasher, freezer and microwave, to make your life easier!

The cup has practical graduated markings in ml and fl oz and the frosted, see-through plastic means that you can easily see the contents.

Baby Cup + Baby Spoon = a perfect duo!

The BABYBJÖRN Baby Spoon is perfect for use with the Baby Cup. The rounded inside edges of the cup make it easy to scoop up the food with the spoon. Ideal for small meals! 

The BABYBJÖRN Baby Cup and Baby Spoon complement each other perfectly

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This product is PVC-free and contains no BPA

Tested and safe materials

All BABYBJÖRN Kitchen and Bathroom products meet plastic safety standards in both Europe and the USA. This means that the plastics are continuously and rigorously being tested for bisphenol A (BPA) and health-hazardous substances, and they are certified safe for foods. That’s important to us!

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Product specifications

Suitable for use from eight months 

Weight: 70g
Dimensions: 74 x 74 x 86 mm
Volume: holds 100 ml


The Baby Cup is made of polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

Can be used in the microwave at a low heat, max. 90°C. Warming at low heat will extend the life of the cup. We recommend only using the microwave to heat the food, not to cook it.

The Baby Cup can be easily cleaned and it is dishwasher-safe. However, you should avoid placing it near the dishwasher's heating element.

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