Baby not sleeping?

Baby sleep isn’t always easy. Here are 7 tips from parents on how to get baby to sleep and sleep well.

Photo: Johnér

Sleep is a hot topic for parents of babies and toddlers. Lack of sleep tends to be an inescapable part of your child’s first year, and tips on how to get baby to sleep and sleep well are always welcome.

We asked Mums and Dads on Facebook to give us their top baby sleep tips and we’ve put together a list.

7 tips on how to get baby to sleep:

  1. Always stick to the same cosy bedtime routine: a typical routine could consist of bath, pyjamas, bottle, bedtime song/story, followed by kiss and goodnight!
  2. Check the following before your baby’s bedtime: clean nappy, full tummy, low lighting, cool but not too cold in the room, and plenty of closeness and cuddles all day long.
  3. Some babies like a soother. If your baby uses a soother, keep several spare ones close to their cot so you don’t need to look in/under the cot when they wake in the night and cry because their soother is gone. Once your child is a bit older and can put a soother in their own mouth, put several spares in their cot so they can easily find one in the night.
  4. Some babies like to fall asleep to special sounds. This could be anything from soothing music to whale songs or the sound of the dishwasher (perhaps because they’ve got used to being surrounded by noises in the womb?). A favourite lullaby can become part of their baby sleep routine. Tips for lullabies
  5. Gentle rocking will often help a very young baby to fall asleep. So a cradle is a good place for a newborn baby to sleep. If you have a rocking chair or a pilates ball, you can sit in/on it and rock to help your baby settle down and feel drowsy. Carrying your baby in a baby carrier or gently rocking them for a while in a bouncer are other good ways to calm most babies.
  6. Make sure your baby isn’t overtired or not tired enough when you put them into their cot to sleep. Wind down with soothing activities and low lighting for the last hour or two before bedtime so your baby is sleepy enough when it’s time to sleep.
  7. If you’ve rocked your baby in your arms until they’re drowsy, put them in their cot or cradle before they’ve fallen asleep (if your baby is happy about this, of course). This can help your baby to fall asleep on their own.