7 great baby shower ideas – games, food and drinks7 great baby shower ideas – games, food and drinks

7 great baby shower ideas – games, food and drinks

There are no rules for how to throw a baby shower. The most important thing is to focus on the expectant parents, regardless of whether the baby shower takes place virtually or in a small group outdoors. Here are some simple tips!

What exactly is a baby shower? And how do you throw a cozy baby shower during these times of social distancing? The baby shower originated in the US and is simply a surprise party thrown by the friends of the mom-to-be to shower her with gifts. Traditionally, the party was only for the mom-to-be, but today there are also baby showers to celebrate both parents before the baby arrives.

Here are some baby shower ideas for food, drinks and games that are always a hit—virtually or in a smaller group.

1. Choose a theme for your baby party
Even if you can’t meet IRL, having a theme is still a great idea for a baby shower. It brings everyone together and makes planning easier. Just make sure you tell the guests about the theme well in advance so they can plan their background or choose clothes for the day. Glitter and balloons never fail!

2. Find baby shower games that work both virtually and IRL
Even though the party will be virtual, there are some activities and games that are always a hit at a baby shower. For example, you can

– play Guess the Baby by guessing the baby’s date of birth, height, weight and gender (if not already known).
– each person writes down a tip for the parent (best or worst) and puts the notes in a nice jar or box or holds it up on the screen (and saves it to a file).
– play Guess the Person by asking all the guests to submit a picture from when they were a child and then letting everyone guess who is who. A popular game that’s harder than you might think!
– play the Name Game by writing down as many names as you can that start with a specific letter. It’s the perfect list for the parents-to-be!

3. Think finger food and picnics
Finger food is always appreciated and easy to help prepare or order in. Quiches, salads and lighter vegetarian dishes are often a good option. Remember that the guest of honor is pregnant, so skip blue cheeses and other foods that should be avoided during pregnancy.

4. Offer non-alcoholic drinks
Again, it’s the mom-to-be (and dad) who’s in the spotlight. Serve non-alcoholic drinks in festive glasses or attractive bottles.

5. Focus on fancy pastries
What would a baby shower be without delicious cupcakes, cakes or macaroons? Stick to a color theme or go all-in with every color of the rainbow. Bake yourself or buy in—the only thing that matters is that they look good and taste yummy!

6. Track where the gifts came from
The host of the shower should keep track of who gave which gifts. This will come in handy when it’s time to send out thank-you notes!

7. Last but not least, spend time on gifts
Beautifully wrapped packages are as important as the pastries at a baby shower. Also, give the expectant parents time to open the gifts that were sent in advance or brought to the small gathering.

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