Toilet Training Seat




Comfortable toilet training seat with splashguard.

  • – Easy for your child to put on and take off the toilet
  • – Comfortable and safe for your child to sit on
  • – Easy to clean
Toilet Training Seat
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Toilet Training Seat White Grey - BABYBJÖRN

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Features and Benefits

Comfy and easy-to-use toilet training seat

Is your child eager to try the “grown-up” toilet? BABYBJÖRN Toilet Training Seat is a stable and ergonomic seat that’s comfortable for your child to sit on, and easy for them to put on and take off the toilet. The toilet training seat has rubber edging and an adjustable dial underneath to keep it firmly in place, and safe and comfortable for your child to use. The toilet training seat is also easy to clean and has a splashguard to prevent spills.

Easy to use

The lightweight toilet training seat is easy for your child to put on or take off the toilet without assistance.

Fits most toilets

The toilet training seat can be adjusted to fit most toilets and it rests securely on the toilet.

Splashguard prevents spills

The inbuilt splashguard of the toilet training seat is angled inwards to prevent spills.

Easy to keep clean

Simply wipe or rinse the toilet training seat under running water.

Practical handle

Hang the toilet training seat from its practical handle when it’s not in use.

Child-friendly material

The toilet training seat is made from BPA-free plastic.

Product Facts


From 2 years.

Help your child to get on and off the toilet training seat until they can safely do this unaided.

Weight and dimensions

Toilet training seat weight: 400 g
Dimensions: 29 x 36 x 9 cm


Toilet Training Seat is made from polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

Product care

The toilet training seat is easy to clean. Simply wipe or rinse it under running water. Then hang it from its practical handle until it’s needed again.

Comfy to sit on

The ergonomic design of the toilet training seat ensures that your child sits comfortably and correctly.

Tested and safe

All bathroom products from BABYBJÖRN meet the relevant plastic safety requirements in both Europe and the USA. This means that the plastic we use undergoes continual rigorous testing for Bisphenol A (BPA) and other harmful substances, and is certified food safe. That’s important to us!

So happy!

Love this! I really appreciate the child safe materials that this is made out of.

MM, Canada
Make potty training easy

Makes potty training easier. Teach them to go on the toilet. Makes the toilet seat fit the kids.

Mom of 3, North dakota
Wonderful product!

This is a great seat. It fits perfectly on my elongated toilet seat. It fits securely and is easy for my son to remove and put on himself. I would recommend this to anyone!


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